Friday, January 27, 2012

Kaisercraft Sweet Nothings - Angel

Hi Everyone !
I'm back at work today, so I hope this has posted...
Today I bring you a sweet, simple layout using the lovely Kaisercraft Sweet Nothings range.
I also bring you an easy step x step for tying that perfect bow for your layouts (and, as seen on the layout below).

A close up of all the brilliant diecuts that come with this collection. I found it very easy to "build up" my layout with the different pieces.

How to tie a good looking bow...

Step 1: Fold 2 separate loops from the end of your ribbon. You will find it easier with two hands. I folded my loops first and then had to use one hand so I could take the photograph !

Step 2: Now, just as you would tie shoelaces...cross one loop over the other, creating a "hole" underneath (this is where my index finger is in the photo).

Step 3: Bring the crossed over loop through the hole (again just like shoelaces), and let the loose end go. It will probably flop over to the opposite side, but this is what you want !

Step 4: Pull the loops so that a knot forms in the middle. Don't make it too tight, as there is still plenty of fiddling to be done ! Play with the loops and ends, until you are happy with the look, shape and size of your bow.

Step 5: When you are completely happy, snip the ends of your ribbon to give your bow the finished look !

KC Sweet Nothings Paper - Falling For You (Foil)
Other: Thickers; Butterfly Punch

Until next time - Happy Scrapping...and have a great weekend !

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